Youth Tube
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आजच्या तरुणांचा social media चा अतिवापर व पालक आणि तरुण मुले/मुली यांच्यातील हरवत चाललेल्या संवाद यावर प्रकाश टाकणारा चित्रपट म्हणजे “युथट्यूब”

One liner of the YouthTube movie is – It’s a story of young generation, who has an unknown power of unity to fight against illegal criminal incidences, with the use of tools such as social media and technology, as well as using the strength of strong bonding between themselves. Here, in this movie, the youth unites to fight against never ending atrocious rape incidences to punish criminals and at the same time to rehabilitate the suffered victim.
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... Prachi
... Rachana
... Rashmi
... Makya
... Rocky
... Doctor
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